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Chance To See X Factor Quot Jls At City Nightclub

The harmony vocal group will perform live at Mercy nightclub, Prince of Wales Road, this month. Tickred, a system of vouchers savings offered by the money that can be accessed via mobile phones, was launched by a city contractor Marcus Pearcey last September. Mobile phone users in the city was offered the chance to win tickets to seeX Factor band JLS. Now the mobile phone users a good new site was offered the chance to win five tickets in a lottery.
22.1.09 08:39

Chrysler To Be Back With Terminator Sponsorship

. We have followed with the Terminator films, and we are going to continue with this. Just as Chrysler LLC announced a result of its ownership saga, the fight car also unveiled plans to help take out the fourth installment of Terminator film series. Chrysler, which has received $ 4 billion in emergency aid from U. Financial terms of the sponsorship were not disclosed. This spring, Terminator 4 comes out and there will be one of the sponsors, media Chrysler director Susan Thomson said in a presentation at the Automotive News World Congress. S. Government has concluded an agreement to put its vehicles in cameo roles in Terminator Salvation scheduled for release by the end of this year, and with Christian Bale, executives said on Tuesday.
22.1.09 08:39

Paris Planning To Stay Single After Splitting From Benji

The Simple Life star and guitarist have remained good friends since breaking up after nine months in November last year. Even if Paris was only for two months, was said to be unprepared for a new boyfriend.. Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is considering the opportunity to remain alone, after splitting from Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, according to find itself.
22.1.09 08:39

Arnold Makes Appointments From D C

Gov. Parra is to be director of the governors of regional development initiatives in the field of Trade, Transportation and Housing Agency. No Senate confirmation is required.. The payment is $ 128,124. Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Washington DC, today for the inauguration and accompanying festivities, but that didn t stop him from announcing more profitable for government appointments jobs. Among the lucky ones are appointed former Assemblywoman Nicole Parra, a Democrat of Hanford .
22.1.09 08:39

A Funny Thing Happened

While such apparitions are almost always fun, their high incidence begs the question: Are TV comedies get desperate for viewers?. TV comedies have had a surprisingly large amount of high-profile cameos recently, that everyone from Salma Hayek of Jack Black (February 1 to come) for prime time. The old belief that television is too small for stars to the big screen. It is not that already questionable adage was wrong that in recent months.
22.1.09 08:38


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